ManageEngine’s new low-code application development tool

Creating an application, building one and deploying it can be expensive and time consuming as you have to make sure that everything is in proper order for it to be fully functional. ManageEngine have decided to ease the process by introducing AppCreator a low-code application development tool to help IT business developers.

AppCreator streamlines the process of developing an application for your business without the need of having extensive coding knowledge and or IT knowledge. You just need someone that understands your business and they’re good to go.

These features of AppCreator are what makes it a powerful and effective tool for your business applications

  • Visual Development – simple drag and drop interface to build forms, interactive reports and dashboards and use a workflow builder to automate tasks in your application
  • Advanced Automation – Use Zoho’s low-code scripting language Deluge to automate workflows, schedules and notifications.
  • Analytics – have a clearer visual of your data, monitor your performance with dashboards and filter your data to fetch the information you need.
  • Multi-Device solutions – Why only build for PC? When you can build for phones and tablets. AppCreator SDK supports iOS and Android.
  • Security – Share your application by making it public or share it discreetly sending a private link.
  • Online Portal – Use portals to interact with your customers and business partners.
  • Sandbox Environment – Use the sandbox to test out modifications , perform a backup and view an audit trail all while being secure.
  • Data Migration – Import data from Excel, Google Sheets, Microsoft Access or Filemaker.

To find out more about what you can achieve with AppCreator feel free to contact us here or feel free to engage with our professional services.

More information on AppCreator here

Want to know more about the low-code scripting language Deluge? Find out more here

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