OpManager can easily be integrated with ServiceDesk Plus to create an efficient network fault management system. Read on to discover some of the benefits of this integration.

Automatic Alarm to Ticket Creation

Ensure that all network issues are quickly investigated and efficiently resolved.

When OpManager finds a performance issue it creates an alarm, this can then automatically create a ticket in ServiceDesk Plus. Subsequently, once the issue is resolved in OpManager, the corresponding ticket in ServiceDesk Plus gets automatically closed.

Asset Synchronisation

Save your time, get a clear map of your devices.

If OpManager discovers a device in your network, they can get added as assets in ServiceDesk Plus. Therefore enabling you to better manage IT infrastructure changes, by building a logical model of your IT infrastructure in the Change Management Database (CMDB). 

Maintenance Scheduling

Streamline maintenance schedules and repairs, improve monitoring accuracy.

If you disable monitoring for a particular asset during maintenance or repair time in ServiceDesk Plus, OpManager stops monitoring the device. Once the maintenance schedule is over, OpManager resumes monitoring the asset.

These are just some of the benefits gained when integrating OpManager with ServiceDesk Plus.

ServiceDesk Plus also integrates with:

OpManager also integrates with:

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